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Bédoin has 3300 inhabitants and is a village with all important shopping facilities, banks and 13 restaurants. It is picturesquely situated at the foot of Mount Ventoux in Provence. It is 18 miles north-west of Avignon and 50 miles north of the French Riviera. The domain Mas des Templiers is situated in a hamlet called Grange Neuve, which is 2 miles outside of Bédoin in the direction of Malaucène. A car is thus indispensable. From Bedoin on please don’t follow your GPS, because it might mislead you. You’ll find a detailed description how to find us below:

train The TGV station in Avignon is 25 miles (40km) oder 40 minutes by car away from us. Several car rentals at the station. Here you find some examples for direct connections: Brussels 4:39h Frankfurt 7:07h London 5:49h Geneva 3:02h Paris 2:42h        Book with Deutsche Bahn.         It's less expensive and you won't always be directed via Paris (difficult transfer between stations) as is the case with

plane Avignon airport can only be reached from London City (, Birmingham and Southhampton ( Marseille airport is 70 miles (110 km) or 1:15h by car or 2:30h by bus away from us. Direct flights to Marseille